Vehicle Branding

CAFS Vehicle Branding by VIVIKI Solutions CAFS Vehicle Branding by VIVIKI Solutions

Vehicle branding is simply a way of promoting business ventures through vehicles. Anything from a small single sticker on a side to a whole vehicle wrap can corresponds to vehicle branding. It is considered to be the most cost efficient form of advertising, and the assured business that can occur though this mode is comparatively worthier.

We mainly concentrate in two types of vehicle branding

1) Advertisement vehicle branding :

 Branding stickers or movie posters attached to either side(or even back side) of KSRTC and private buses plying in and around the city or state.

 Stickers on the handles and back side of the seats(buses).

 Fully covering stickers wrapping the whole vehicle (Private vehicles) .

2) Graphics on vehicles:

 Stickers or drawings on cars, vans, trucks etc as per the requirement of the customer.