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What are the google updates?

Medic Update:-

It is the current update that came in the year august 2018. Affects YMYL, health and wellness of Sites. According to the latest figures made public by Moz, SEMRush, and RankRanger, health industry was the worst affected by this update.

According to the latest figures made public by Moz, SEMRush, and RankRanger, health industry was the worst affected by the update. RankRanger says, a few health websites that featured at the top of SERP were at the receiving end of the update. The metric says the baseline match of some of the first match medic pages plunged 7.5%. On the other hand, the second and third match results fell into more deep fissures within the search registering 21% to 31% drop.

Google Penguin update:-

It was first promulgate in 2012, 24th April. This was actually happens against link spamming in websites. This type of link spamming mainly come into being in payed link. It is done to prevent black-hat SEO technique that is artificial ranking of our web-pages by falsify the number of links lead to other pages. It can be done by link spamming that is, it's all about payed link.

Google Panda Update:-

It is an update happens in February 2011 but, its effectiveness make available globally on April in same year itself. In this update web-pages with duplicate contents are completely eradicated out. Panda is updated occasionally. This update devalues the spam activities and disregard it and mainly focused to decrease the rank of less quality sites or thin sites.

Google Humming Bird Update:-

It is actually a code-name dispensed to a pretended massive change of algorithm in google search. It happens in September 26 at the year 2013. This name 'Humming bird' is obtained from accuracy and speed of humming bird. A semantic search result is made available here that is, google gives deep search results. Semantic search results are tackled by google based on accepted facts or age of web-pages and it is in accordance of the number of visitors in our web-pages or followers. The result of this semantic search is published by google is a large size compared to usual search result's. This update is made possible with a wide effectiveness over artificial intelligence that is,there is a more human search interactions and a much heavier focus on conversation and meaning. .

Google Pigeon update

IIt is a google local search algorithm update happens in July 24, 2014. This update is a local Seo optimization technique and striving for better ranking of local listing during search.When, we obtained for a google search, the changes in it's result also make changes in the Google-maps, & this amendment is released in in US English and will release in other languages too. A local directory is listed during a search done by users.In this update social media profiles are also localized.